Tila Tequila Blasts Octo-Mom.


I don’t write much about the Octo-mom,  because I think it’s sick and she should have all 14 of her kids taken away rather than cashing in on freebies, but Tila Tequila just updated her blog with a rant about the Octo-puss and I couldn’t agree more with her!!

Here’s wha Tila had to say,

This post has nothing to do with anything, but it’s 5:37am and I can’t
fall back asleep so I’m just gonna post up a random thought.

I DO NOT LIKE NADIA AKA OCTO-MOM!!  I can’t stand her and I think what
she is doing, or has done is absolutely wrong!  She is not the only one
to blame though.  I also think that her doctor should have his license
taken away!  She gets on my last nerves and I feel bad for all her
alien babies.  I can go on and on about this but I’m going back to

Don’t get me wrong,  I love babies and children and planning to have
some of my own in the near future, but before I have them I want to
make sure I at least have all of my financial shit together and able to
build a strong emotional loving support foundation before I bring my
babies into this world…..unlike her and her 14 babies all in the same
age range!  That is really just unfair to those kids.  I can’t stand
Octo-mom and I hope she reads this.  You absolutely DISGUST ME!  Go


Nadia Suleiman, your shot at love has ended!

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