New Hills Promos.


The promos for The Hills season 5 have been released this week, and not without excessive ammounts of Photoshop included.

In fact, these photos were probably shot months ago and the re touch teams have been putting in 40 hour weeks getting them to their full potential.

The good news is, this year The Hills finally included Justin Bobby in the season promo shoot.  Must have been his large internet cult following that got their attention.

That or they are setting him up for his own spin off!  (fingers crossed)

Lauren and Heidi got together for the photo above, because as you know the feud is over.  There’s a 40% chance they shot these two images on separate occasions as well, but it looks pretty darn good. Maybe they did meet up.  Who knows, who cares.

The Hills season 5, starts next week on MTV!


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