So I Heard…


A rumor that Michael Jackson has been added to Saturday night at Coachella this year…

This info came from a pretty reliable source, but there’s no confirmation or denials that have hit the net yet, only an open letter to MJ that was floating around earlier this month asking him to perform a set for his US fans at the 3 day music and arts fest in the Palm Desert next month.

Forgive me if it ends up being false, just wanted to give all you Jackoholics out there a chance to snag up a Saturday ticket before they sell out minutes after it’s confirmed.

It’s probably nearly sold out as it is already, so imagine if a guy who sold out 50 london shows in a matter of minutes is added at the last minute.

If he denies the performance, you can probably still get a pretty penny for your tickets on craigslist in the days leading up to the festival.

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