Did You Get DVR’d During American Idol Last Night?


Many AI fans missed their sole purpose for tuning into the show last night as the DVR’s cut off before leader of the pack Adam Lambert even performed.

When you think about it though, was American Idol possibly aware that the show would run over, causing them to give Lamber the fan dubbed “pimp spot?”

Last week the show went an hour and 25 minutes with 9 contestants, but this week with 8 they were only given an hour.  Clearly that meant they would be pressed for time, so why not put the guy who is pretty much auto safe in the last spot, because his fans won’t mind looking him up on the internet, and he’ll still get enough votes from the die hards and those without DVR to sail him through.

Bottom line here, is that Adam delivered another smash performance last night.  In fact, it was so good that Simon Cowell even gave him a standing ovation. Has Cowell EVER stood up out of his seat before?

If you by chance missed Adam’s performance of Mad World last night on Idol, or just want to watch it again, check it out below.

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