Want to Smell Like Kanye or Rihanna?


Business man Jay-Z is dipping into the fragrance biz, and like many other celebs before, these new scents will be slapped with the image of someone presently hot in the biz.

Jay-Z’s Iconic Fragrance’s inc.  has paired up with Parlux to create the Rihanna and Kanye West scent’s and the Jigga man couldn’t be more thrilled about the venture.

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Parlux and their management team in the launch of these dynamic new brands. This venture will take what is already a successful franchise at Parlux to a new level.”

Do people really wear celebs fragrances?  I always thought of them to be more  teeny/trashy.  Whatever happened to the good old fashioned Polo Sport and Tommy Hilfiger?

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