Rihanna and Chris Brown Sitch to Get Awkward!!!


Rihanna and Chris Brown may have ended their relationship finally after a breif reconciliation in the weeks after his assault on her, but things might be a bit awkward next time they both see eachother.

Both Rihanna and Brown are expected to attend an event coming up for songwriter Andre Merritt, who has penned hits for both of the artists.

The ex couple likely hasn’t seen eachother since a breif stay at Diddy’s star island in Miami where they were reportedly trying to work things out, but have both been seen schmoozing it up with other male and female companions.

If Brown is smart, he will be the one to pass on the party and let Rihanna attend to have fun.   While he’s still awaiting his punishment (or non punishment if the justice system does not prevail) he should just keep away from any public appearances.

The guest liste reportedly has Rihanna confirmed, while Brown is just listed as a possability.

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