Monster Chris Brown Tryin to Blame LAPD.


Chris Brown has filed a suit against the LAPD demanding answers on how the photos of a battered and bruised Rihanna hit the internet.

Just days after Brown’s assault on his singer girlfriend, TMZ attained a photo of Rihanna’s face the night of the altercation, scratched, swollen and red with contusions on her forehead.

The photo was at the center of the controversey which in the end charged Brown on three felonies, all of which he denies.

Brown’s lawyer is asking for the LAPD to spill the beans on how the photo was leaked, and also seeking the case being dismissed over the leak.

If convicted at his May 28 trial, Brown could spend about five years behind bars!!

Dismiss the case because there’s photo proof of what this monster did?  All that should do is have him locked up faster!

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