I’m a Celebrity…Day One


Did you all watch  the premiere of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here last night on NBC?

Alot of you did, at least 6.3 million of you at least.

So the big story of the show is Spencer and Heidi.  They left, they came back, they left again, they came back again.

After a change of heart and what semed to be the “new Christian Spencer” it seemed as if they would be able to stick it out.

BTW did you see how fast Heidi sucked down that rats tail?? Impressed!

Well the new story out of the jungle this morning is that after last nights live show, Speidi quit the show for good.  Strange since they weren’t even participating in the challenge when the show paused last night.

What could have happened? I guess we will find out when the second episode goes live tonight on NBC.

Ultimately the show was great!  But it will take a dive if Speidi leaves as Spencer provided a lot of the entertainment value in the premiere episode.

Some bullet points;

  • Quote of the night:  “I made that label for heidi and it took me all day” – Spencer Pratt during his dry shampoo rage.
  • Surprise of the night:  Heidi Montag sucking down a rats tail like she’s seen one before… (She is married to a rat) and Stephen Baldwin actually being pretty funny.
  • WTF of the night:   Did that lady Patti Blagojevich really not say a word until like 1:30 into the show.  Her husband has to be guilty btw!
  • Current King/Queen of the jungle:   Lou Diamond Philips for being the boss, and Janice Dickinson for really seeming comfortable in the jungle.

Tune in to the second night of  I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here tonight on NBC.

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