Octomom Takes a Shot at Kate Gosselin


Catfight coming!!   It’s the battle of moms with too many kids.  The battle of bad hair vs. bad plastic surgery.

It’s Kate Gosselin vs.  The Octomom.

In a recent interview; Octomom slammed the star of Jon & Kate + 8 pretty much for not being a good mother!

Has she not looked at her own life from the outside before?  Even her mom and dad have critisized her!!

Anyways;  Nadya Suleman says of KG; “She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention. My children are extremely healthy, strong and happy. Don’t you have, like, a lot of issues in your life? A lot of marital problems? Why are you so desperate to glob on to my life? For attention?”

Suleman has just recently signed up for a reality series of her own, documenting the life of her and her 14 children, and it’s probably going ot be obvious she could use a Jon in her life.

Team Kate on this one all the way.  Fire back mama!

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