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Happy Holidays – From Octomom!

What would the festive season be without an update from our favorite mother of 8 (and we’re not talking about Kate Gosselin.) The blushing Octomom (that would probably be the result of another skin peel and/or lip plumping) and her brood recently posed for the photographers of Life & Style. And when we say “posed,” […]

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Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom Was Actually Considered?

We seriously thought all that talk of Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom was nothing more than tabloid rubbish that was created to cause controversy. In fact, we almost thought it would be a guarantee that Jon Gosselin would try to deny that and even get the possibility of a show like that so […]

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Attention Serious Theater Fans: OctoMom: The Musical Is Here!

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for OctoMom: The Musical as much as we’ve been waiting for OctoMom to get her tubes tied! But hey – at least one of them is happening! The message behind this Tony Award-worthy piece of thea-tah? Says the actress who plays baby-lovin’ Nadya: “Everybody in America needs more. Octo […]

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Gloria Allred Criticizes Another Human Being for Saying Something Stupid

Gloria Allred is no Octo-Mom fan, that’s for sure. The press-addicted hyper-leftist, who is to feminism as Al Sharpton is to race relations, is volunteering her g.d. opinions to the press regarding Octo-Mom’s latest sickening statement: her eight kids were a mistake. In the new issue of Us Weekly, Suleman, who has 14 children, admits: […]

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Octomom Signs Reality TV Deal

Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom, AKA the woman who pushed 8 babies out of her body at one time (take that Kate Gosselin!) has finally signed a deal for the reality show her lawyer promised. Find out more, including how much she will profit by exploiting her kids, after the link. The reality deal is unfortunately […]

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Octomom Takes a Shot at Kate Gosselin

Catfight coming!!   It’s the battle of moms with too many kids.  The battle of bad hair vs. bad plastic surgery. It’s Kate Gosselin vs.  The Octomom. In a recent interview; Octomom slammed the star of Jon & Kate + 8 pretty much for not being a good mother! Has she not looked at her own […]

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