Octomom Signs Reality TV Deal


Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom, AKA the woman who pushed 8 babies out of her body at one time (take that Kate Gosselin!) has finally signed a deal for the reality show her lawyer promised.

Find out more, including how much she will profit by exploiting her kids, after the link.

The reality deal is unfortunately not the offer she received from adult film studio Vivid Entertainment, where they offered $1 million if she would appear in a porn. That deal offered full medical and dental!

The reality show contract, filed yesterday with the LA Superior Court, would give each child $250 a day for filming. This would mean the family would earn roughly $125,000 for shooting for 36 days in the first year, $75,000 for 21 days in the second year, and then for 14 days of shooting the third year, they would earn $50,000.

The show would showcase the wacky adventures of having 14 freaking children, taking the model from basically every show on TLC.

The production company Eyeworks will produce the show. They have produced the hit show The Biggest Loser, and the more sad than anything Breaking Bonaduce.

Bonus for Eyeworks Productions Publicist- Octomom doesn’t have a husband who can run off with random 23 year-olds and tabloid reporters!

If I’ve learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that in front of the camera is the most nurturing place for a child to grow up.

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