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Heidi Klum to Host Kids Television

Now that Heidi Klum is no longer a Victoria’s  Secret angel, Heidi Klum can concentrate more on her kids.  And your kids. Klum will be starring in an producing a show called ‘Seriously Funny Kids.’ In a statement she explains that the show will be “bringing out the hilarious and often insightful things they say.  […]

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Sony To Unveil a 3-D TV Next Year? Maybe I’ll Drive My Hovercraft Over to Best Buy

Information has leaked that Sony plans on unveiling a 3-D television next year. The TV would be LCD and be capable of displaying 3-D images. This is perfect if you missed Taylor Lautner in The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D while it was in theatres. Sony hopes to release this mystical […]

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A&E Acquires Lifetime, This Calls for an Intervention Marathon

A&E has officially acquired Lifetime television. As far as I can tell A&E plays nothing but Intervention and re-runs of CSI: Miami. Lifetime airs ridiculous movies about how everyone and everything is plotting against women. Lifetime could air a movie about a single mom struggling to raise her children alone after their father abandons them […]

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This Should Be Bigger Than M*A*S*H: Heathers Coming to Television

Heathers, the dark teen comedy about a clique of bitches named Heather, is being adapted as a television series. It’s too bad I’ve only seen it once and can’t remember any dialogue because there’s probably some line that would work as a perfect reference here. I have seen Pulp Fiction enough times to clarify how the […]

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Glee Sneak Peak Brings Oodles of Joy

Can’t wait for Glee to premiere its new season on September 9? Check out a sneak peak above of what’s to come. Looks like FOX got cocky with good ratings for the pilot – they’re throwing money at this thing, as evidenced by the fantasy dance numbers which I’m assuming will fill every episode. Musical […]

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Family Guy Still Treated Like Crap at Fox Despite Emmy Noms

Fox apparently has no idea that Family Guy is nominated for a bunch of Emmys, including Best Comedy, because they’re back to doubting Seth MacFarlane‘s billion dollar brain of his. The network is allegedly planning to not air a Family Guy episode because too controversial. I know what you’re thinking. What’s left to censor on […]

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Octomom Signs Reality TV Deal

Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom, AKA the woman who pushed 8 babies out of her body at one time (take that Kate Gosselin!) has finally signed a deal for the reality show her lawyer promised. Find out more, including how much she will profit by exploiting her kids, after the link. The reality deal is unfortunately […]

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