Spencer’s Ghost Call


When Spencer and Heidi returned from the jungle last week and hit up every show in town, Mr. Pratt was asked a particular question by one of the ladies on The View.

He was asked about the call he placed to Lauren Conrad on The Hills apologizing for starting the sex tape rumors and asking her to come to his and Heidi’s wedding.

Pratt responded that he called because it meat alot to his wife that Lauren be at the wedding and that was one way to help that happen.

Little did he probably know Lauren Conrad was probably going to be on the show this morning, to which Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked if she thought the call from Pratt was sincere.

Lauren’s response; “To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t on the other end of that call,” Conrad replied. “That was filmed, and I wasn’t on the other end. So I didn’t even know about it until [it was on TV]. So, no, I didn’t get an apology. He lied.”

You mean The Hills is fake?????

It’ll be interesting to see how Spencer responds to this one.

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