Kate’s Private Hell About to Get Worse!


Kate Gosselin is back on about every cover this weekend where she wants to be, and all it took was to file for a little old divorce!

It’s only going to get worse for her, as she and Jon have decided to continue the $how on TLC  to document both of their time with the kids separately.

It’s been revealed that when the show resumes production, Jon’s 23-year-old girlfriend Deanna Hummell will be joining the cast for Jon’s segments.

A source tells the New York Daily News that Deanna’s role won’t be huge, but since she is a part of Jon’s life now, her time with him could easily be documented.

Sure he’ll be a free single man, but it’s a little soon to move on completely don’t you think?

If Jon wants America in his good graces he’ll rethink this one!

On a totally unrelated note, have you all seen the other tabloid covers this week?  Not one but TWO covers which feature Michelle Obama and accuse her of  having a hit list, an alcohol problem, and going on a white house rampage!!!

Could that be true?!?!

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