Miley Dumped Gaston Like a Ton of Bricks


It seemed really quick that Miley Cyrus got out of her relationship with Justin Gaston and fell back into things with Nick Jonas, and quick it was!

A new report is suggesting that all it took was one photo shoot that featured both Cyrus and Jonas and pretty much the next day it was see ya Gaston.

According to FOX News, Miley let Justin down the hard way, by saying something no boy would EVER want to hear. “I’m in love with a Jonas.”

They are also reporting that while the Jonas’ family was thrilled, because having Miley attached to headlines with their name could mean better ratings for their failing TV show, the Cyrus gang is disappointed, because Billy Ray is the one who introduced Miley to Gaston, and they had a pretty good friendship with one another as well.

Nick and Miley recently recorded a duet together, which some people are calling the start of the next Sonny and Cher.  We all know how that one ended though…

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