You Can Do This?

jay leno

Jay Leno has went to some pretty extreme measures to secure the domain name for his new talk show.

As he will be switching this fall from The Tonight Show  to simply The Jay Leno Show, his team was set to make accessible for fans in the months leading up to the premiere.

Only problem was,  that link took you to a car dealership website.

Jay could have called the dealership and asked WTF, but instead he inlisted in the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization to investigate.

The UN team found that a (smart) man by the name of Guadalupe Zambrano  registered the name back in 2004 and had traffic re-direct to his car dealership, but ruled that he has no legitimate reason to keep the domain name, and ordered him to transfer the domain over to Leno.

Shouldn’t this man have been allowed to keep something he paid for?  At least to sell to Leno for a quick buck!

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