They’re on a boat! They’re on a boat! They’re on a boat in the South of France, just ballin’!


What came first? Jon’s reinvention of himself as a super-ultra-cool Ed Hardy-rocking father, or his friendship with the man who gifted the world with that label,  French haberdasher Christian Audigier? Jon, minus his eight kids and ex-wife, plus his 24-year-old jump off, frolicked in the South of France on a yacht paid for by Von Dutch hats this weekend. Jon has apparently grown close with monsieur Audigier, in addition to blatantly growing wide. With his twin pierced ears, tattoo-graphic t-shirt and deep suntan, Jon must have not looked a day over 45.

Hey, Christian: Make sure you don’t give Kate any free clothes. Jon’s the cool one!

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