Celebration Begins in Dallas

jessica Romo

Dallas Cowboy fans are breathing a sigh of relief as the season is just 2 months away and they are getting the news that their captain Tony Romo has broken things off with Jessica Simpson.

Both in LA for Jessica’s 29th birthday weekend, Tony was spotted out at club MyHouse minus the singer on Friday night, and a reported fight  between the two is what prompted the cancellation of her Barbie and Ken themed birthday bash.

Many Cowboys fans considered the once famed singer bad luck for the team, and will surely be excited over the news of the breakup.

You gotta feel a tiny bit bad for Jessica though.   Every time it seems like she’s got one, it ends out of nowhere.

At least when it ended with Nick she had a career greater than his to fall back on.  Now , not so much, and Tony is a star in his industry.

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