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Burger King Rags on Jessica Simpson

This ad aired during last Sunday’s NFL on Fox pre-game segment.  It was Burger King’s cartoon centered around the Dallas Cowboys and the once relationship of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Like the rest of us,  Burger King went right after Jessica Simpson’s weight. “Man, I still can’t believe Tony dated Jessica Simpson, even AFTER […]

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Tony Romo Dating Chace Crawford…Nevermind, Chace’s Sister

Jessica Simpson‘s ex and occasional quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo is reportedly dating the sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, Candice Crawford. The glitzy blonde Candice (Romo’s definitely got a type) is a former Miss Missouri, and hosts a Cowboys sports show called “Special Edition” for a local Dallas station. She met […]

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Tony Romo Kicked Jessica to the Curb for Being a Drunk

Why does alcohol produce such a wide range of effects in people? Every other intoxicant is predictable: coke always makes you happy and chatty, speed always makes you wide awake and a better driver, heroin always makes you itchy. No one’s a “sleepy cokehead,” but there are “drowsy drunks,” “happy drunks,” “angry drunks,” and “embarrassing, […]

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The Joke’s on Jess, Someone Explain it to Her

Tony Romo: Product Spokesman from Tony Romo

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Celebration Begins in Dallas

Dallas Cowboy fans are breathing a sigh of relief as the season is just 2 months away and they are getting the news that their captain Tony Romo has broken things off with Jessica Simpson. Both in LA for Jessica’s 29th birthday weekend, Tony was spotted out at club MyHouse minus the singer on Friday […]

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From today’s New York Post; via: PH

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Carrie Throws a Little Jab Towards Jess.

Jessica Simpson may have thrown a right hook at Carrie Underwood with her “Real Girls Eat Meat” shirt earlier this summer, but Underwood’s may have the last laugh, with a little “oops” in the new Allure Magazine.

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