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Taylor Swift sucks and so does Katy Perry!

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry suck! Wow!  That was a bold headline you are thinking, it’s an interesting conversation today in the Starzlife offices we  thought we would share . Have you ever heard a popular song that everyone seems to love,  it soars up the charts on every radio station playing everywhere you go. You love […]

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Lauren Conrad Style Expert??? Look Again

Lauren Conrad recently released a book on style called “Style” that includes Conrad’s tips. We’re not sure how one failed clothing line, a line for Kohl’s and the mediocre ability to even dress herself (as seen here) makes her an expert on style. Close your eyes for a second and see if you can remember […]

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Lauren Conrad’s ‘Style’ Guide Revealed

The cover from the latest up and coming book from Lauren Condrad has been revealed. Style will not only be a look into the fashion world through Lauren’s eyes, but so much more. The former Hills star will be sharing  personal stories she tells People.com , including “live and learn” stories, and even some “high […]

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PICS: Lauren Conrad Is Ballin’ Through the Recession

The image of someone walking out of an ultra-expensive department store carrying a bunch of their bags is one I’ve always had trouble wrapping my head around. I understand why Cher from Clueless can afford to do it – she’s imaginary, that was a movie, and the bags were empty. Here’s Lauren Conrad walking out […]

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EXCLUSIVE Starzlife Photo Set: Nick Lachey, Are You Kidding Us With This Watch?

I know. A musician wearing women’s fashion can be cool, like when Kurt Cobain would wear women’s sunglasses or when Kurt Cobain would wear a dress on stage or when…nope, that’s it. Pete Wentz wears women’s jeans but that’s because he’s a tiny man. Besides, you knew that sentence wouldn’t contain an endorsement of something […]

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Starzlife Pics: Rachel Bilson, Being All Rachel Bilsony

Canuck-betrothed Rachel Bilson was snapped out and about in Los Feliz (how do you pronounce it? I say “too far to drive”) yesterday. Rachel’s rocking high-cut boots and a short skirt. I love that look. I myself have been combining American Apparel shorts with boat shoes and dress socks for a similar vibe in the […]

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Exclusive Starzlife Pics: Nicolette Sheridan Strolls Malibu

The look: Deep-V, “distressed” jeans, 3″ sandals, 4% body fat. A dog walker ties the whole outfit together. Read on for more pics. Well, click on.

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They’re on a boat! They’re on a boat! They’re on a boat in the South of France, just ballin’!

What came first? Jon’s reinvention of himself as a super-ultra-cool Ed Hardy-rocking father, or his friendship with the man who gifted the world with that label,  French haberdasher Christian Audigier? Jon, minus his eight kids and ex-wife, plus his 24-year-old jump off, frolicked in the South of France on a yacht paid for by Von […]

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Speaking of Obama…

Barack Obama was recently named “The World’s Most Stylish Man” by a new poll started by shirt makers Thomas Pink, beating out Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Will Smith, and George Clooney. How accurate can this poll be though? Barack Obama wears a suit every day.  Blue or black.  A uniform basically.  Probably picked out by […]

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