EXCLUSIVE Starzlife Photo Set: Nick Lachey, Are You Kidding Us With This Watch?



I know. A musician wearing women’s fashion can be cool, like when Kurt Cobain would wear women’s sunglasses or when Kurt Cobain would wear a dress on stage or when…nope, that’s it. Pete Wentz wears women’s jeans but that’s because he’s a tiny man. Besides, you knew that sentence wouldn’t contain an endorsement of something cool when it began with the words “Pete Wentz.”

But seriously, folks, women’s watches just suck. Even women shouldn’t wear them. That’s why Rolex makes a mid-sized men’s. I know I’m just some gossip blogger hacking away at the keys for a salary of $0.02 a word and a sandwich on Fridays, but I am a Jew descended from pawnbrokers. I know of what I speak. And yeah, I figured out for myself that Nick probably just rolled out of bed and grabbed his girlfriend’s timepiece on the way out the door. Would that make a bow in his hair OK? No. Kurt Cobain, maybe. This is Nick Lachey.

More pics of Nick after the jump. I didn’t even go in on dude’s frayed jeans and sandals. (I like to leave a little for you, dear reader.)

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