PICS: Lauren Conrad Is Ballin’ Through the Recession


The image of someone walking out of an ultra-expensive department store carrying a bunch of their bags is one I’ve always had trouble wrapping my head around. I understand why Cher from Clueless can afford to do it – she’s imaginary, that was a movie, and the bags were empty. Here’s Lauren Conrad walking out of Barney’s. You ever been in Barney’s? I have. Someone wanted to meet me there for lunch in the little cafe they have upstairs. My bagel cost six dollars. My point is, Lauren looks like she’s carrying about a half-million dollars worth of rags, here.

MY BITCHY FASHION COMMENTARY: Eh, the chick looks great. I can’t say “dress the season” enough, and floral prints are the essence of summer. Cashmere cardigans, however, are not. It’s been 85+ degrees here in Los Angeles recently. I mean, it looks good, just hot, and not “Paris Hilton hot.” Sweaty.


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