T.O. Uses Chiseled Body to Promote New Show, No Objections Here


So apparently there is a sport called, foot ball? Contrary to what you may believe it does not involve kicking a ball with the feet, but carrying said ball around. Your guess is as good as mine. 

One of these so-called football players, Terrell Owens has a new reality show on Vh1 called the T.O. Show (clever!) following him around as he reinvents his image, which has not been immune to controversy. The show premieres July 20. I can’t say I was planning on checking it out before I saw the promotional photos, but now I might. With the lights dimmed and candles lit.

To promote the show, T.O. pulled a Bruno and went buck naked (tastefully) for the promo shots- read more to see the chocolate god that is Terrell Owens (mildly NSFW, not contact HR worthy, but it maybe awkward if your boss comes in).

Terrell Owens


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