I Know We’ve Been Doing a Lot of Harry Potter Posts, But In Our Defense, the New Harry Potter Movie Came Out This Week

Is this scene even in the movie? I will never know

Is this scene even in the movie? I will never know

And it’s making a lot of money.

After banking $22.2 mil from midnight screenings alone, the sixth installment in the series of which we’ve seen 1.5 films in their entirety (I had to walk out of the second movie because I was going to die of boredom because I am not 11) pulled down an additional $58.3. Yesterday. That’s 22.2 million plus 58.3 million dollars!

This puts Harry on track to the biggest-ever weekend opening. Repeat business is the key to stratospheric B.O., and the critical reaction to the film has been overwhelmingly positive. I know that I helped contribute to Dark Knight‘s billion-plus haul with my repeat viewings. I just had to know: what the hell happens to the Joker at the Dent fundraiser after he drops Rachel out the window and Batman saves her? Are we supposed to believe that the Joker just leaves peacefully? He was about to start cutting up the party-goers! Deleted scene, maybe? I eagerly await the 4-disc special edition DVD.

This post started off about Harry Potter and switched to Batman pretty quick but Batman is better.

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