Emma Watson to leave Hogwarts for Holy-wood


She’s been a Harry Potter lifer, as Hermoine Granger in all of the Harry Potter films, (and why wouldn’t she?  This bitch is set for life after a $58 million dollar opening day!) but it’s being reported that Emma Watson is set for her first non-potter role.

Watson will reportedly play Cinderella in a Gothic musical version of the classic which is being written by Marilyn Manson.

One can presume that Manson himself would take the reigns as song writer/producer for the films musical numbers, and also attempt to take young Watson on as his newest arm candy.

A gothic Cinderella musical written by Marilyn Manson though?  Yes please!    Emma Watson cast as Cindy?  Yes please again!

Will it be too Tim Burton though?  Or even better?  What do you all think!?

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