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Marilyn Manson a Joke According to Magazine Article, My Eyes

Throw down your pogs and take a hearty refreshing sip of your Crystal Pepsi, because we’re heading back to the 90s! That’s the last time Marilyn Manson was actually popular, but for some reason, he’s continued to keep his name in the press. How’d he do that? By being a total tool. What, you think […]

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Emma Watson to leave Hogwarts for Holy-wood

She’s been a Harry Potter lifer, as Hermoine Granger in all of the Harry Potter films, (and why wouldn’t she?  This bitch is set for life after a $58 million dollar opening day!) but it’s being reported that Emma Watson is set for her first non-potter role. Watson will reportedly play Cinderella in a Gothic […]

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Happy Birthday Vinnie Jones!

Vinnie Jones turns 44 today. Don’t know Vinnie Jones?  Look him up! He’s a bad ass! Happy 44 Vin. Oh Happy big 4-0 to Marilyn Manson as well!

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Marilyn Manson Blogs??

Marilyn Manson seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t read gossip blogs or care what people say about him and his love life, but MM took to his Myspace blog (yes, Marilyn Manson blogs!) to clear up the rumors that he’s got a new girlfriend in Isani Griffith. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to […]

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Meet Manson’s New Girl.

Marilyn Manson was toting a mystery hottie around Miami this week for his Art Basel show, which featured three paintings of a brown haired woman called “Isani” to which Manson reportedly claimed, “That’s my special lady friend. I really don’t want to start the next chapter of my life by . . . burdening someone […]

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