Is There Some Sort of Exclusive Club for Horrible, Famous People? Jon and Kate are Staying with Michael Lohan


I once went to see Sean Lennon at the then-extant Virgin Megastore. A bunch of low-level celebs showed up – Claire Danes, Ben Lee, a couple Parkey Posey-esque actresses – and even though they arrived separately, they all found each other and stood around chatting. I turned to my friend and said, “Why do all famous people know each other?” She said, “I know!” Then Sean Lennon started playing. Boy, that got old real quick.

My point is that Jon Gosselin and his new Kate-named girlfriend are staying with MICHAEL LOHAN. Quick! Try to name three other equally loathsome people. Nope, sorry. That didn’t count. You said, “Sarah Palin, Al Sharpton, and Michael Lohan.” That’s only two. Read on:

Radar Online is reporting that the gruesome twosome are lampin’ in the Southhampton home of Linz‘z dad. Home? Doesn’t he live in a box when he’s not living in a treatment center when he’s not living in a cell? How do these people know each other? (<–Seinfeld voice) Did they meet in a Facebook group called “I Suck Professionally?” Did Christian Audigier introduce them? I want answers! Actually, in the course of typing this post, I’ve gone from fascinated to no longer caring.

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