Suspected Rihanna-Photo-Leaking-Cops Suspended


If the identity of Deep Throat and the location of Chandra Levy can be uncovered, so  can the names of whoever leaked the photo of a whooped Rihanna to TMZ.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that it’s two female LAPD officers: nine-year veteran Rebecca Reyes and rookie cop Blanca Lopez. Boy, the movie just jumps out at you, doesn’t it? Rebecca Reyes is a non-nonsense cop on the street beat who’s seen it all. She also needs some money to buy a bitchin’ leather motorcycle jacket. Blanca Lopez is a green street fighter who’s trying to leave her shocking past behind and go legit. Harvey Levin is the deep-pocketed evil Jew who will stop at nothing to raise his site’s page rank. Chris Brown is the sexy R&B singer who loves too much. Rihanna is unavailable for filming due to scheduling conflicts.

Or something like that. Both officers are on leave and will remain so until they’re fired.

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