A Kick in Lindsay Lohan’s Self Esteem!


Samantha Ronson is no aspiring actress.  She’s a DJ, always claimed to be a DJ, and that’s about it.

So hows that gonna make her sometimes/sometimes not ex girlfriend Lindsay Lohan feel when Sam appears on screen on one of TVs biggest named teen dramas at the moment!?

Yep, Samantha Ronson has landed herself a guest spot on The CW’s 90210.

Sam’s episode will air on November 3rd, and put her on screen besides N*E*R*D* front-man Pharrell Williams and the boys.

Lindsay once got that role on ABC’s Ugly Betty, but you know she’d rather go for something more hip and dangerous like 90210 or Gossip Girl.   Too bad they probably have no interest!

Are you guys excited to see Samantha Ronson on 90210?

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