K-Fed Eats Up For Celebs Fit Club


MSNBC’s The Scoop is reporting that Kevin Federline has been quadrupling his 711 visits to ready himself for Celebrity Fat Fit Club.

Already nicknamed K-Fat by the world, the chubbie famous ex-hubbie is hoping to be enormous enough in time for the Reality Show, premiering this February on VH1

According to an MSNBC source:

“He thinks that if he goes on the show, loses a ton of weight, and seems really likeable, he’ll get more deals afterward.  The way he sees it, he could have another show after ‘Fit Club,’ and that would open the door to working on music again, maybe even a fashion line.”

Fashion line?

Perhaps for the FATshionistas at CasaGordita!

Eat up K-Fat, we can’t wait to watch!

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