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Kevin Federline’s Coke, Pizza, and Mac & Cheese Problem

Now that Kevin Federline has slimmed down a little bit, he’s ready to talk about the K-Fat days. After a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, Federline has pretty much returned back to the size he was during his Britney Spears days, but in a recent interview he reveals how he got so big in the […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin Federline Goes Birthday Shopping

We spotted (skinnier) Kevin Federline EXCLUSIVELY on his 32nd birthday leaving a liquor store near his home in Los Angeles. Could Kevin and his girlfriend Victoria Prince been getting ready to partake in a little birthday celebrating? Victoria carried some Diet Dr. Pepper, while the contents of Kevin’s purchase were masked by the famous black […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin Federline Rides the Panda Express

Quite the meal selection for someone who just got off of Celebrity Fit Club! Kevin Federline is looking a little more fit and trim these days, but a diet that consists of Panda Express, macaroni and cheese, and Boboli home made pizza won’t be a helping hand! Starzlife spotted K-Fed and his girlfriend Victoria Prince […]

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K-Fed Eats Up For Celebs Fit Club

MSNBC’s The Scoop is reporting that Kevin Federline has been quadrupling his 711 visits to ready himself for Celebrity Fat Fit Club. Already nicknamed K-Fat by the world, the chubbie famous ex-hubbie is hoping to be enormous enough in time for the Reality Show, premiering this February on VH1 According to an MSNBC source: “He […]

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