Kevin Federline’s Coke, Pizza, and Mac & Cheese Problem


Now that Kevin Federline has slimmed down a little bit, he’s ready to talk about the K-Fat days.

After a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, Federline has pretty much returned back to the size he was during his Britney Spears days, but in a recent interview he reveals how he got so big in the first place.

He says; “I drank 12-24 cans of soda a day, not diet. That was my coffee, that was my candy, that was my cake. I didn’t drink coffee, eat candy; I didn’t eat cake. I ate pizza, macaroni and cheese and all that, so the combination of the two just added up real fast.”

It’s good that he’s got it together, but as you can see by these EXCLUSIVE photos we took last month, he’s still not given up the mac and cheese, and pizza!

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