Michelle Bombshell “Didn’t Plan the Drama”; Also…Dumb


Does Michelle Bombshell McGee think we are all fools?

The woman who sold her story of an affair with Jesse James for $30,000 to a tabloid magazine is now claiming that she didn’t plan for any of this drama to happen.

In a statement posted by the webmaster of her official site;

“To all the people that think Michelle planned this drama, we can assure that if she had planned it, we would have had our pay-site and merchandise store ready for public consumption.”

McGee’s site currently offeres a $9.99 sneak peek, but has no pricing or merchandise info yet.

Believable?   That’s debatable, considering she gave the story to the magazine on a specific day, knowing they would publish it.  Not having her pay site ready, or merchandise ready is nothing more than a bad business move.

There’s no way this woman thought she could go to a magazine with a story about cheating with a married man, right after his wife won an Oscar, in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal,  and for it to just be brushed aside, and not create drama.

We’re not idiots, Michelle.  Just enjoy the money you make from this for now.

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