Joe Francis Knows the Pain Of Persecution


Joe Francis marched on Washington last weekend with other pro-gay rights protesters because he feels their plight. He told Page Six, “With the gay movement, it’s personal. The same religious-right assholes who took away my civil rights and put me in jail for a year because they don’t like what I do for a living have taken away gay rights. I know firsthand how it feels to have your civil rights stripped from you.”

The only difference between Joe Francis and Joe Homo? Joe Francis exploits drunk underage girls, doesn’t pay his taxes, and bribes jailers so they put him in prison. Joe Homo wants to get married to the person he loves but can’t.  OMG, SO SIMILAR!

But lesbi-honest (as Drake would say), why did he really march?

“P.S., lots of lesbians marched, too.”

Yeah, 45 year old lesbians with their long time partners and children marching for equal protection under the law! SEXY.

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