Tough Economy? At Least There’s Still Rich People!


Football fans in the Cincinnati Ohio area can be thankful for their star player, because according to some reports he’s going to be the new savior of their Sunday!

It’s been an issue since week one of this NFL season,  tough times at home and loss of jobs preventing football fans from being able to afford tickets to their teams home games, causing for stadiums to not sell out which puts the NFL blackout rule into effect.

The blackout rule causes for local television to not show the broadcast of a game that has not sold out, in hopes of getting people to head out last minute and buy tickets so that they don’t miss it.

The Cincinnati Bengals were in danger of a blackout this weekend when they play the Houston Texans at home, until wide receiver Chad Ochocinco stepped in.

According to his hilarious Twitter page, he teamed up with Motorola, and bought out all of the unsold seats for Sunday’s game so that there would be no blackout.  We could be talking thousands of seats at $50-$60 dollars per ticket.

He writes; Attention: On behalf of Motorola and Esteban Ocho Cinco we’ve purchased the remaining tickets for Sundays game= no blackout”

Also adding that if you’re in the tri-state area and don’t have tickets, stay tuned to find out how to get them, meaning he’s going to be giving them out for free.

Chad is no stranger to treating the fans, he’s been frequently holding contests to fly one fan out to Cincinnati for each home game, as well as posting his location on Twitter and buying drinks and dinner for whoever shows up.

In fact, tonight, he’s bought 40 tickets to an 11pm movie and is going to treat the first 40 fans to check out the new Jamie Foxx film.

Hats off to Chad today, for recognizing the people who support him each and every week!  To anyone who disagrees… Child please!!

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