Ryan Reynolds Graduates From Tights To Drag

main-61Following in the tradition of  a zillion other unoriginal faux-drag films, Ryan Reynolds will star in an untitled comedy about guy in love with his ex, who dresses up as a girl to become her BFF and win her back.

Kinda like Yentl meets Mrs Doubtfire meets Tootsie meets Some Like It Hot, meets us, spending our money in a bar instead of wasting it on this re-hashed idea!

Reynolds will start shooting right after starring as tights-wearing superhero, The Green Lantern, barely giving his balls time to breathe!

Mr Scarlet Johansson will also serve as Executive Producer on the film, which will allow him to make very important decisions like,”who should he hire to tuck his big ol’ Canadian sausage?”.

We’re pretty sure Ex hairy bush Fiancee Alanis Morissette will find something to sing about here.

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