Halloween Gets Violent for Paris & Doug


Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt thought they were in for a regular old night of Halloween fun which at some point went completely wrong.

After arriving early to Seal and Heidi Klum’s bash they left to head over to a Halloween party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

After the Roosevelt, Paris and Doug who seemed pretty drunk by that point got into a fight inside the car they were in, with Doug tossing Paris’ cell phone out the window on Sunset Blvd.   As Paris and a friend practically had to stop traffic to get out and look for it, Doug’s sat in the car visibly upset!

Things got physical when Paris got back in the car, with her slapping and hitting Doug and him wrapping his arms around her to restrain her.   The friend even had to jump in in fear of Paris being hurt by Doug’s grasp.

So what could have had him all enraged!?   Maybe she’ll get a clue this time and dump his sorry butt!

You can do better Paris!


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One Response to Halloween Gets Violent for Paris & Doug

  1. November 6, 2009 at 10:47 am #

    I want to date Paris or just hang out and be her friend at least and I would treat her so super nice and special! She keeps meeting dirtbags that don’t appreciate her…she needs to change that pattern and find someone like me that adores her and would treat her like the cute princess she really is!

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