Lindsay Lohan Tweets about Samantha in a Jealous Cry for Attention


Poor Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t gotten over her true love.

Though it’s been months and months since they broke up, Lindsay Lohan still gets jealous over whatever Samantha Ronson is doing.

Just last night, Lindsay took to her twitter page to call Sam all kinds of things, including a hypocrite.

It all started when Ronson and a gang of people, including Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, showed up to Teddys in Hollywood.

Lohan was there as well, and she was very upset once she noticed Sam and the gang having a good time according to a source.   Lindsay than went on a twitter rampage with the following;

“When does ‘going for a drive’ turn into walking into Teddys with Carlos and a girl? Too bad I can catch someone in a lie when I heart Voyeur. ‘S’ is with Kellan, hahahaha. So much for ‘s’ not being “public” guess fame is better with premiere kids,”

Though it doesn’t make 100% sense when read out loud, you get the point.

Jealous much, Lindsay?  Maybe the fact you’ve never been a “premiere kid”

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