Kim vs. Kendra: Superbowl Showdown


The Indianapolis Colts are playing the New Orleans Saints this weekend in the Super Bowl, but the real showdown comes between E! reality stars Kendra Wilkinson and Kim Kardashian, who both have men in the big game. (sort of)

Kendra’s Husband Hank Baskett plays for the Colts, while Kim’s boyfriend Reggie Bush plays for the saints.  The two were on air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to do a little fun trash talking.

Though Kim says she’s superstitious and refuses to wear a Saints jersey to the game or predict a score, Kendra says she’ll be up in a private box with her son Hank IV wearing a Mrs. Baskett jersey.

As they got off the phone, Wilkinson threw one last jab at Kim K, saying “I wonder who will be holding the baby when I’m out on the field after the game running and jumping around.”

Kendra should not be too too cocky though, her Hanky has only played in four games this season, and hasn’t played since week 4.  He had 8 catches for 70 yards on the entire season!    Hank might as well stay up in the box and hold the baby this weekend because he’s unlikely to see the field.

Reggie on the other hand has been heating up the past couple of weeks, and only missed two games all season.

I think Kim, Reggie, and the Saints have this one in the bag!

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