Kirstie Alley Denies Embezzling Diet Plan Funds to Scientology


Kristie Alley is firing back at claims made that some of the money made by her Organic Liaison diet plan has been channeled directly into the Church of Scientology to fund teachings.

Stealing money from the fatties to pay for her weird church???

Alley is an active Scientologist, who recently founded the company which charges  between $10 and $149 per month to follow the regime, which combines an organic food diet with vitamins and supplements.

Links between the company, and Scientology have been uncovered which brought about the accusations that the diet plan was just a way to get people to put money into the church.  The firm’s accountant, Saul B Lipson, is a known Scientologist whose company is approved by the church and based near its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The board also features active Scientologist Michelle Seward.

In true Kirstie Alley fashion, she tells these accusers to “phock off;” “Its bulls**t. It’s not true. The address in Clearwater is my accountant, and he’s a Scientology Jew.”

It  would be a pretty genius plan if it were true, but she could have done a better job covering it up.

“Phock it” this is Kirstie Alley we’re talking about.  Guilty!

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