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Kirstie Alley’s Big Life: Big Flop

If it didn’t already, it might stink to be Kirstie Alley after the ratings her reality show has been getting! The season gained less than stellar ratings even with Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels as a lead in,¬† dropping about 600,000 viewers in that brief moment between the two shows, averaging about 1.3 million viewers. In […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kirstie Alley’s Bare Pheet

Check out these EXCLUSIVE photos of Kirstie Alley looking large and in charge (as usual). We spotted Kirstie out shopping with daughter, Lilly, and son, William, showing no signs of the progress she’s been yapping about on her website for her fitness plan. If you notice in some of the photos, Kirstie ditched her shoes […]

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Kirstie Alley Fires Back Over Weight Loss/Scientology Reports

Kirstie Alley is phocking mad that people are linking her new Organic Liaison weight loss plan with Scientology funding. Alley Tweeted the rage at The Hollywood Reporter’s Roger Friedman; “Please Google Mr. Roger Friedman. He is spreading lies about me and my new business. You will see his history & why Fox fired him.” Going […]

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Kirstie Alley Denies Embezzling Diet Plan Funds to Scientology

Kristie Alley is firing back at claims made that some of the money made by her Organic Liaison diet plan has been channeled directly into the Church of Scientology to fund teachings. Stealing money from the fatties to pay for her weird church??? Alley is an active Scientologist, who recently founded the company which charges¬† […]

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