Defending Lohan

Lindsay Lohan does have ONE person on her side at least.

The executive producer for her the controversial film, Inferno, where she will play porn star Linda Lovelace.

Jon Fong, production exec from Muse Films defended Lindsay’s trip to Cannes, saying it wasn’t just a trip to party and avoid her court case, but a time to promote their upcoming film to support the funding.

He tells;

“That was her role as the star, making press appearances in support of the movie. She showed up at other parties, but she was promoting the movie in the atmosphere,” continues Fong of Lohan, 23, who partied until 7:30 a.m. following news that a judge had issued a warrant for her arrest. “It helps to sell the movie to have her meet with the people who will fund the film.”

It may have been a little more responsible of them to MAKE SURE she got home to her court date, but we suppose those job duties sound possible.

Still, hire a kid to work at a candy store, he’s going to eat some samples…

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