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First Look At Amanda Seyfried As Linda Lovelace

This one must be a kick in the Lohan for Lindsay. All that hype about her starring as Linda Lovelace in the indy flick ‘Inferno,’ only to have it fizzle, out, and for a real Lovelace film to happen, starring her Mean Girls co-star, Amanda Seyfried. The film is due out later in the year, […]

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Mary Louise Parker To Replace Demi Moore in Linda Lovelace Biopic

With all of the issues going on in Demi Moore’s life, a replacement has been cast for her role in the Linda Lovelace biopic in Weeds star Mary Louise Parker. Demi Moore was hospitalized on Monday night after a 911 call and treated for “exhaustion.” Later reports implied “substance abuse,” and  that Moore actually had […]

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Malin Akerman Swoops Up Lindsay Lohan’s Part

Malin Akerman, up until now, has played the cute blonde girlfriend part in such movies as The Heartbreak Kid, 27 Dresses, The Proposal and Couple’s Retreat. Most actresses with a string of these roles eventually disappear replaced by the next crop of rom-com bitchy exes, or cute co-worker.  Malin Akerman on the other hand isn’t […]

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‘Inferno’ Producers Re-Casting Lindsay Lohan’s Part?

Even though Inferno director Matthew Wilder was trying to visit Lindsay at the slammer and has claimed to be 100% behind her the whole way, there must be a breaking point. Wilder and the production team of the Linda Lovelace biopic had originally planned to halt production of the film, which was originally scheduled to […]

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Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace For: Inferno

A couple concept art posters for Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming film ‘Inferno’ have been released. The promos were shot by Lohan pal Tyler Shields, and are actually pretty awesome! The film will be about the life of porn star Linda Lovelace. Check out the other one below.

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Defending Lohan

Lindsay Lohan does have ONE person on her side at least. The executive producer for her the controversial film, Inferno, where she will play porn star Linda Lovelace. Jon Fong, production exec from Muse Films defended Lindsay’s trip to Cannes, saying it wasn’t just a trip to party and avoid her court case, but a […]

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Lindsay Lohan Not Locked in to Porn Star Flick Yet

The good news for Lindsay Lohan’s career is that she’s not committed to playing Linda Lovelace in that porn star biopic just yet. Apparently she’s having second thoughts..  A source reveals; “She is not officially locked into the movie yet. She does have some reservations about doing the film. She is putting herself in a […]

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Lindsay Lohan to Star in Indie Porn Flick…

It doesn’t exactly sound like an award winner, but its a job none the less! Lindsay Lohan has reportedly signed on to star in indie film Inferno to play porn star Linda Lovelace. Lindsay has played a stripper once before in I Know Who Killed Me, but playing the star in this film will be […]

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