Just How Many Pre-Sales Were There for iPhone 4?

If any of you tried to go to AT&T’s website, Apples website, or call AT&T on Monday, chances are you were frustrated and it took you hours to finally get through.

That would be because the pre-sale of iPhone 4 has outsold the pre-sale of iPhone 3Gs by 10 times!

Sure they were expecting larger numbers, but Apple reported that on Monday alone, they sold 600,000 upgrades!

On top of that AT&T reported 13 million more visitors than usual to their website to check if they were available for an upgrade.

All of this chaos forced Apple to halt pre-sales yesterday to fill the backed up orders.

No worries though if you missed out, you can still pre-order the iPhone 4 at many locations, but you will have to wait for the second inventory, which will ship on July 2.

Did any of you guys order???

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