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Women Dominate Highest Paid Reality Star List

There are very few professions where woman make more than men, prositution, pornography and now it seems reality TV. The Daily Beats compiled a list of the highest earning reality TV stars and it looks like woman, a lot with the name Kardashian, are dominating. The list is high on dollars and low on actual […]

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Did Jessica Simpson Buy Her Own Engagement Ring?

The latest LOL of the  engagement story is that she may have paid for her own engagement ring! Just days after  Nick Lachey announced his engagement to Vanessa Manillo, his ex-wife Jessica announced hers to former NFL player Eric Johnson. In addition to the first report that she’s ready to marry without a pre-nup, a […]

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New Clip From Tonight’s Vampire Diaries

As soon as you guys finish watching Lebron James and the Heat get redemption over the Boston Celtics for their opening day shocker, make sure to turn into an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries! Check out this new clip from tonight’s episode. No mega spoilers, besides a new character who we’re sure we […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Christian Bale: Christ or Manson?

Christian Bale  looks like he is getting ready for a role playing Jesus… or Charles Manson. With him you never know.  The volatile actor seems to have leveled out a bit since regularly playing tennis and gets the whole family involved taking them to play  in Santa Monica.

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Audrina Patridge Getting Her Own VH1 Show

After her DWTS elimination Audrina Patridge confirmed that she will have a new show on VH1 that revolves around her, her family and life in Hollywood.  This will undoubtedly be the most riveting television since the moon landing. Remember that time on The Hills she said… wait, no remember that time she got crazy and… hmm, […]

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Camila Alves’ Shag Bag

Camila Alves was McConaughy and kid free today for lunch at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood.  She did however have her big shaggy bag with her.

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Parents TV Council Still Speaking Out Against Miley Cyrus’ New Video

The parents Television council is still fuming over the new Miley Cyrus that is being called “sexy” and inappropriate for her age. Yes, she rolls around the bed in her underwear and probably shouldn’t, but there has to be a point where parents stop blaming other people’s actions for their kids actions, especially on TV! […]

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Rihanna to Get ‘Loud’ This November

Rihanna has released some info about her new album.  Most importantly, the title! Due out this November, Rihanna’s next studio album is going to be titled: Loud. Yes, her last album, Rated R, was a bit darker, but she promises this will be different: “I didn’t want to go backward and remake [2008 album] ‘Good […]

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Dina Lohan to Tell All on ‘Today’

Get ready for the Dina Lohan media hour! Dina will be kicking off the media blitz tomorrow in New York City on The Today Show. Dina will be giving an exclusive interview to Matt Lauer, where she wil most likely talk about how the punishment was unfair, and only handed out by the judge because […]

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Just How Many Pre-Sales Were There for iPhone 4?

If any of you tried to go to AT&T’s website, Apples website, or call AT&T on Monday, chances are you were frustrated and it took you hours to finally get through. That would be because the pre-sale of iPhone 4 has outsold the pre-sale of iPhone 3Gs by 10 times! Sure they were expecting larger […]

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