Heidi Montag Launching Blog, Complete With Drama, and Ads!!

Celebrity blogs are all the rage right now, so it’s only right for Heidi Montag to be on board.

Heidi is launching www.officialheidimontag.com, but not without some drama.

There was a welcome post on the site this morning, that informed Montag fans that she would not be plastering ads all over the site as a scheme to make money “like other celebs blogs.”

However tha’ts not the case!  Heidi want’s money just as bad as the next person, and now she’s pointing the finger.

Heidi Tweeted to Perez Hilton who called her out on the ad free blog:

“You will have to excuse my wed designer who took the liberty to create his own post on my website without my consent!

When I actually start blogging I will be selling ads to make money, I need money in this economy… who doesn’t?! xoxo!”

Hopefully her *“wed designer” quits messin around!

* We are not ones to really ever make a huge deal about typos like some of you visitors are, because every site has them, and we’re not being graded.  However, the D and the B key are not even close enough to make that mistake, plus they are hit by different fingers!

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