Heidi’s Mom “Mourning the Loss of a Child”

On tonight’s episode of The Hills, Heidi Montag’s mom returns to bring some over-dramatics.

Heidi hasn’t spoken to her mother since she revealed her 10 plastic surgeries to her on an earlier episode, and when Darlene Egelhoff tried to come to the home of Heidi and Spencer to chat with her daughter, Heidi had the police called.

On tonight’s episode, Darlene is filmed in conversation with Heidi’s sister, Holly, where she compares being cut off from Heidi to mourning the loss of a child.

“I haven’t slept in months. I had to go get a prescription for sleeping pills just to be able to go to sleep at night to the point that I didn’t even know how I would even make it another day,” she says. “I’ve been mourning the loss of a child and, yeah, it hurts. It hurts more than I thought it could hurt.”

What a soap opera!  Who writes this dialogue!

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