Ian McKellan Walking From ‘The Hobbit?’

Could all of this Hobbit drama be costing them their star?

If Peter Jackson and co. can’t get it together soon, Sir Ian McKellan may end up walking from the film, to continue his career in the theater.

McKellan says:

“Well I’m not under contract and my time is running out and I’m enjoying working in the theatre and frankly, I would like to race after doing ‘Waiting For Godot,’ get on with doing another play but we’ll have to see. I don’t give the producers the impression that I’m sitting waiting. What it will be I genuinely don’t know. It’ll either be, we’re going ahead or we’re not.”

The latest was that Peter Jackson was to re-arrange his schedule to head the project in New Zealand, but nothing official has been done yet.

Get it together people! No Ian, no movie!

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