Lindsay’s Camp Speaks

Apparently all we’re going to get out of Lindsay Lohan and co. until her jail sentence starts are excuses, excuses, excuses.

Shawn Chapman Holley has released the following statement on behalf of herself, and Lohan, singing the same old tune and labeling the sentence “unfair.”

“Ms. Lohan and I are extremely disappointed in the sentence handed down by Judge Revel. We believe that the penalty is far harsher than what others would have received under similar circumstances. The reality is that Ms. Lohan, like most defendants, had to balance work commitments with court requirements. To be punished so severely for doing so, particularly in light of the fact that she substantially complied with each of her probationary conditions, is harsh and unfair. That said, Ms. Lohan is prepared to serve her jail time and to comply with the Court’s orders.”

“With respect to Ms. Lohan’s nails, the fact is, the words could barely be seen by the naked eye. That a courtroom camera, purportedly there to accurately chronicle the proceedings, would use a telephoto lens to zoom in as it did to Ms. Lohan’s fingernail is a commentary on the entire issue.”

As for the report that her SCRAM bracelet was tampered with twice, they are denying that as well.

The first was the night of the MTV Movie Awards, the same night of the alcohol detection, and the second a few days later.

Her lawyer, who failed to defend her out of a jail sentence in court last week, is still trying, by claiming:

“Lindsay adamantly denies tampering with the device. There are a number of people who were with her who could attest to the fact that she never tampered with her bracelet and there are well-documented problems with the SCRAM bracelet and the accuracy of its readings.”

Of course there are a number of people who could attest that she never tampered with it.  What friends are going to rat her out? Does she have someone on SCRAM patrol 24 hours a day making sure she doesn’t tamper with it?

She could have just been adjusting it, or trying to scratch an itch for all we know, so tampering is really not that much of an issue if there’s no physical damage that would prove she was trying to remove it, however the alcohol detection is another story, and as Judge Marsha Revel declared during the hearing, she’s dealt with SCRAM more than 70 times in court and has never had any trouble or “malfunctions.”

Stop it with the excuses!

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