Lebron James: The Decision

If this isn’t the biggest news story out there, I don’t know what is.

Speculation of what city LeBron James will go to when he makes his announcement tonight at 9pm EST on ESPN during a one hour special, is growing.

“The Decision” has brought forward some interesting theories for each city in the running, here they are:

New York: James’ hour long special is taking place in Greenwich Connecticut, which is just miles away from a New York Knicks practice facility, so he must be planning to sign in New York and spend a weekend in the big apple shaking hands and kissing babies.

Fact:  Greenwich is the HQ for ESPN, and it’s also doubling as the site of Carmelo Anthony’s wedding this weekend, which LeBron is a part of, so why would he not do it there?

Miami: UsWeekly is reporting that LeBron must be choosing the Miami Heat because a source at the W Hotel in Miami is reporting that LeBron has reserved six cabanas at their nightclub for Saturday night.

Fact:  LeBron James, or any of his handlers for that matter, would not be calling The W and reserving cabanas under the name “LeBron James” or giving any sort of information that it was for a LeBron party.  Also as previously mentioned, it’s Carmelo Anthony’s wedding, in Connecticut.  Yes he has a private jet, but would he leave the wedding to jet to Miami at a night club?  Highly unlikely.

Cleveland: There aren’t many sources claiming James is going to stay in Cleveland, aside from the hope that his feelings are that NBA legacy’s are created in one city.  Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe…   Many are suspecting he wouldn’t take on an hour long television special to twist the knife in Cleveland’s heart while he talks about his plans for Miami or New York.

Fact: Since there aren’t any wild rumors here, there aren’t any real facts.  Just that all the bitter Cleveland fans calling him Benedict Arnold, Art Model, and a traitor will be kissing his feet tomorrow if he announces he will be staying with his hometown Cavs.

One last pitch from us:  Stay home LeBron!

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